The Colour Out Of Space

January 4-8, 2020

Lux Helsinki, Metsätalo, Helsinki, Finland

A horror installation, The Colour Out of Space, at Lux Helsinki light festival was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s short story of the same name. The mysterious, site-specific atmosphere was created through the help of a physical object, the use of lights, projections, projection projection and spatial sound.

For the installation we created a 2m large object made of transparent PET material - the body of a meteorite, into which several lights were placed and a projector that brought the whole object to life.

A strange meteorite hits the Earth. The soil and water seem poisoned after a short time. The fauna and flora in the surrounding area begin to change and deform. People fall into physical and mental disorders.

Concept, dramaturgy and animation: Josef Lepša

Sound design and art supervision: Jiří Rouš

Sculpture: Jan Padyšák

Particle animation: Peter Oško

Supervision: Jan Hrdlička

Production: Marek Volf

Curating: Martin Pošta, Ilkka Paloniemi

Lighting and structure: Sun Effects: Panu Pikkuaho

Audio and projection: Bright Finland: Leo Lahti

Photo: Marek Volf, Petri Attila, Superreel

Special thanks: Lux Helsinki festival team ( Ilkka Paloniemi, Matti Jykylä, Miikka Hietsalo, Sandra Petersen, Niko Mattila, Perttu Multamäki and co.)

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