October 12-15, 2023

Signal Festival, Kampus Hybernská,

Prague, Czech Republic

Interactive exhibition and the first installation of the Signal Festival designed especially for children. The main visual theme and inspiration was the rainbow and its characteristic colour gradient. The exhibition consisted of several exhibits that offered exploration through simple interactivities. It was created for children visitors, but through its visual design we tried to engage adults as well.

Visitors were free to wander through the installation space and let themselves be carried away by their own space-time and fantasy world. Everyone set their own rules in the environment on how to play with the different installations.

It was primarily aimed at children between the ages of two and ten. 

The aim of the exhibition was to create a playful environment in which young visitors could freely explore and have fun.

Concept and animation: Josef Lepša

Concept and sound design: Jiří Rouš

Programming: Jiří Wild, Michal Vrba, Jiří Rouš

Project lead: Natalie Krausová, Marek Volf

AV HW & rigging: Zvuk-světlo

Exhibits production: Ondřej Němec, Jiří Rouš

Textile manufacturing: Lenka Polášková

Technical support: David Kubant, Jan Uhlík, Boris a Bob Stevens

Photo, video: Marek Volf

Special thanks: Signal Festival, Kampus Hybernská, Christie