Designblok Gala dinner

October 9, 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

An interactive one-of-a-kind gala dinner that was also the closing ceremony of Designblok – international design & art festival in Prague. The gala space hosted 25m-wide projections with content that corresponded to each course of the meal. The night consisted of rabbit waiters, a tiramisu-recipe-song-singing sous-chef, interactive vegetable musical instruments and an exciting atmosphere of wilderness exploration. The theme of this magical evening was “The Forest”.

Concept and dramaturgy: Jana Burkiewicz

Sound design and art supervision: Jiří Konvalinka

Animation: Madalen Hrubešová

Production: Marek Volf

Lighting and structure: Start Production

Projection: David Kubant

Photo: Designblok – Michal Ureš